Green Hackathon is a series of coding events with a sustainability purpose. Starting with Stockholm in October 2011, there has been different events organized around Europe, in London, Helsinki, Athens..

The Green Hackathon series of events is coordinated by CESC, the Centre for Sustainable Communications at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Organizations that have organized and made the Green Hackathon events possible include:

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Green Hackathon is  associated to the Open Knowledge Foundation Open Sustainability working group.

Organize an event?

Green Hackathon is an open series of events where hackathons are organized in different locations and by different organizers using the same branding to create a bigger green hacker community.

Events can be either branded as Green Hackathon, with the greenhackathon logo, twitter and subdomain website; or branded with their own name and website and being just part of the “greenhackathon” network.

Do you want to organize a Green Hacakthon? just contact us. You can find information about what’s needed for organizing a Green Hackathon in this checklist, and more general ones at the hack day manifesto.

Information about the logo and graphic profile here.


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Green Hackathon was started by Jorge Zapico and Hannes Ebner

Hannes Ebner (left) & Jorge Zapico (right)

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