Carbon footprint for recipes

A prototype of a web application that shows how it is possible to use Linked Open Data to show information about CO2 emissions. Our application allows to build a 4 ingredients recipe and returns three different kinds of data:

  • A table that shows the emission of CO2 for each selected ingredient (from AMEE)
  • Total Kilos of CO2 emission
  • Literature from AGRIS: considering the selected ingredients, our application links to the OpenAgris triplestore to display journals articles and grey literature about the sustainability of those ingredients. Then, thanks to the power of OpenAgris, the user can access to other data sources, like DBPedia.

Hackers: Fabrizio Celli, Ahsan Morshed, Fredrik Enoksson, Mazars-Simon Quentin, Manoj Kale, Sriram Prasath

More info here

Stockholm Greenhackathon 2011

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