Urban Fruit Initiative

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The Urban Fruit Initiative is a cooperative social enterprise connecting fruit tree owners with too much fruit with those who want to help pick and share in the bounty. Fruit is redistributed amongst those involved with the bulk of it being donated to sustainably produce a locally-sourced apple juice with great taste.

The hack involves a web application to facilitate the coordination of information needed for registration of users (fruit tree owners and volunteer pickers), scheduling of apple collections and brokering (matching and verifying) amongst users to arrange harvesting.

Name of participant(s) in the team.

Richard Blume, Mrhetab Kidane, Andrew Kobylin

List over tools / datasets / APIs used.

  • Data generated from users in the project.
  • Firebase
  • Google Maps API
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery

License (open source / copyright)

Open source

Link to the prototype / application / demo.


Link to the code repository or other materials like presentation.



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