Green Hacks

Seasonal Green Recommender

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 17.25.39

This is a prototype of a web application which tackles the problem of lack of green awareness by recommending recipes based on seasonality, and addressing the gap in producer to consumer communication.

Name of participant(s) in the team (SSH)

  • Sevag Balkorkian
  • Samuel Chinenyeze
  • Haftom Tesfay

List of tools / datasets / APIs used.

  • Coop data set
  • Sublime text
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

License (open source / copyright)

  • All opensource

Link to the prototype / application / demo

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Urban Fruit Initiative

photo 1

The Urban Fruit Initiative is a cooperative social enterprise connecting fruit tree owners with too much fruit with those who want to help pick and share in the bounty. Fruit is redistributed amongst those involved with the bulk of it being donated to sustainably produce a locally-sourced apple juice with great taste.

The hack involves a web application to facilitate the coordination of information needed for registration of users (fruit tree owners and volunteer pickers), scheduling of apple collections and brokering (matching and verifying) amongst users to arrange harvesting.

Name of participant(s) in the team.

Richard Blume, Mrhetab Kidane, Andrew Kobylin

List over tools / datasets / APIs used.

  • Data generated from users in the project.
  • Firebase
  • Google Maps API
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery

License (open source / copyright)

Open source

Link to the prototype / application / demo.

Link to the code repository or other materials like presentation.


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Last minute food

photo 2

A prototype application that proposes gathering information from COOP supermarkets about the food that is about to expire and allow the users to explore recipes based on those ingredients and to facilitate the purchase.

Team: Sotiris Salloumis, Gaye Georgia, Johan Zetterquist, Jacky Bourgeois, Sophie Uesson, John Chang



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photo 4Cosecha is a crop planner for small scale farmers who want to plant a variety of crops. It allows to  experiment with how much of each crop to plant and it presents the total yield and revenue, plus the row meters required to purchase seeds.

CSS + jQuery

Made by: Jorge Zapico

Open source. Available at

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EatX Stockholm 

photo 3

Imagine no wasted food, by efficiently sharing the non-used raw materials after your meal preparation.

Hacking Food Waste in private Homes or in community living spaces for students, would save water, phosphor, CO2, money as well as pollution from transport trucks.

Eat Exchange is a mobile application, which allows local community to share food that would have been wasted. The application enables individuals to advertise the food that they wouldn’t be able to consume. Then the supply of spare food would be collected by the members of the community who would otherwise need to buy it. The application contributes to the reduction of waste generated by consumers, methane discharge, as well as to the decrease of CO2 emissions and water consumption.

Name of Participants:

Christopher Weeks,Daniel SchienPernilla Hagbert, Friedrich ChasinOle SchultzTipa Stefan,Theodorou Sophy-Emmanouela

List over tools / datasets / APIs used:

HMTL, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Drive.


Open source.

Code repository & materials:

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Green Game

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.55.39

Team SOMA MINERS developed a quiz-like application “Green Game”. The game includes statistical questions about sustainability related subjects, such as the percent energy used in residential and public places or the distribution of water usage to the sectors. This aims to illustrate the potential contributions of collective efforts in reducing the unnecessary consumption and having more “green” approach. The user is challenged to answer these questions through a visual interface. After completing the quiz, the application displays the actual answers and assigns a score out of 100 based on the accuracy of the answers. Thus, the awareness is addressed in a joyful way. Report.

Team members:

  • Karhan Ozdenkci
  • Ridvan Dongelci
  • Jörg Hronek
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Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.24.26

Team GREEN developed Yenergy concept for a map that shows efficiency rate of each building for anyone. People would use the map when buying an apartment, searching for job, or in tourism. It would be a combination of Google maps,,, with a possible target group coming from, for instance, Airbnb. Besides coloring the buildings according to the rating, this map gives more information when a user hovers with the mouse over it, and on click it also opens pop up with additional detailed information: air quality (in this case, using 720 data), lights, year of construction, CO2 storage etc. ReportSlidesGitHub.

Team members:

  • Aino-Nina Saarikoski
  • Géraud Le Falher
  • Milla-Mari Vastavuo
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Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.22.52

Team FINN COUNTDOWN won the best business solution award with the NENergy social app concept to challenge your friends and colleagues to save energy in daily routines. NENenergy is innovative use of social media where you can track down little or big things you do to save energy, and offers you tips on how to increase your energy savings. Slides.

Team members:

  • Nyyti Kinnunen
  • Emmi Jokinen
  • Noora Vainio
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Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.21.03

Team NG CANDLE won the second best team award with their Tehomenu  solution for an Establishment’s Energy Use for advertising. Since communicating Big Data to people for sustainability has proven to be very challenging, their platform uses, in this case, VTT data to empower people and the establishment for making relevant and conscientious choices. Slides.

Video of the presentation to come soon.

Team members:

  • Ilari Suorsa
  • Karthikeya Acharya
  • Nicolas Cadena
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Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.17.52

Team PI won the overall best solution award with the webapp game Sortris. This game educates people to recycle in a correct way. They got their recycling bins from the Aalto’s “Recycling on campuses”.

Video of the presentation to come soon.

Team members:

  • Pekka Toiminen
  • Juha Rantanen
  • Joonas Ruuskanen
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