How do I look in this sweater?

Currently, most applications that supplies users with different sustainability data require the person to actively make the choice to find out more of the environmental impact. This project focuses on the shopping situation, and in particular shopping for clothes, making this information available in a non-invasive way when just going through your usual routine when shopping for clothes.

The project used Kinect hardware to detect and track hand and torso movements, when twirling in front of the mirror or holding up a jacket out in the store, and shows the related data to this garment. By the movement done naturally in this situation these motions will trigger, display and flick through different information related to the garment, for example wherefrom the material have been sourced, how it was produced or which path around the earth it has taken to land in this store. We believe that such an installation may arise and help create awareness in an non-intrusive way.

APIs used:

Hackers: Can Kilicbay, Carolina Johansson, Dogan Yazar

Stockholm Green Hackathon

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